Sunday, March 20, 2016



  The gardening every day is really grounding me: the work every day seems like it will keep me from getting manic.....and maintenance...I'm committed to both.  If I get a woman she'll expect I can do shit and fix various would be great to learn more about all these processes....

  But also I can protect her physically,  better than most...chicks love that.

  Felt a bit out of sorts yesterday because I hadn’t done any karate in a couple days, so I went through the forms in the garage, adding some yoga moves, or at least my stretching is better because of the yoga knowledge,…etc.
  So, at least I should take those two things seriously, as …
  But anyway, today I went out and did some weeding and then continued painting the bedroom wall…white primer …and over the purple that my ex-wife was painting just as she had to go into the mental hospital.
  But the deal beyond that is I’m learning more maintenance and gardening, and do all the cleaning, but that’s a way of paying back my mom for living there not paying rent.
  So, that’s super exciting. 
  So, seriously, the physical acts of gardening and maintenance, the tangible result, is really helping me keep my head together, because I can think what I did today, and will do tomorrow…..somehow sticking my hands in the mud and dirt, and taking care of plants, can be a lot of fun.
  Everyone seems to be getting older, everyone’s getting older.  I remember Alex asking me “how do you do that nothing going on thing?” ….maybe that’s my forte.  Seems normal to me….but really, things were live for a while during and before that Barrington squat, but how is that relevant to the here and now? It isn’t.  So, moving along, finally I’ve maybe been accepted as good, or realized as such, by a couple women, maybe more than a couple, around here.  Thanks for finally figuring that out.  But frankly, amazing women: I was completely unaware of their existence until I met Karen.  They’ve got a bond, and I’ve got some friends that I have a bond with, none of whom live in Corvallis.
  I wonder if my night walks from Nashville to Summit, mostly around April last year, pissed off any of the loser guys that there undoubtedly that think they have a harem of women because they're badass.  We can do better than that.  I read around about people that have lots of sex, and it seems like that would cheapen the experience... however it would probably make my stomach muscles stronger and burn off more calories.  my karate would be better...

  But I think I see something good in the future, but I worry about everyone every day..there's something in there, in the getting together of my Berkeley friends with Sarah and all those other beautiful women around here.  Can't do it alone.

  I gots to start eating better. 

    Reading about violence to women is upsetting…that’s for sure.  human trafficking and the like.. 
     I’m never going to buy a gun to protect myself.  That’s the karate way….That and endeavor to have a good feeling during reality (?)
relatives, including three sisters of my mom

me out in the trees!  Alsea area, with Mahogany, Reed, and a couple others.

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