Thursday, March 31, 2016


  So beyond that, not a lot happening.  Same old but more of everything except karate, which remains mind-knumbingly repetitive, not too exciting.  So beyond that if I could somehow have a good effect on the whole jihad thing, and general make more principles of good behavior, or somehow enable people to get more justice, I’d do it.  The current situation is waaaay fucked up.
  I'm watching season two of Fargo.  Great show.  Then there's Broad City about a couple of broads in the city, not able to take anything seriously, and then TPB, of course, and something many good movies.  I should watch Carlito's Way again.
  And maybe some of those awesome japanese films directed by...forget his name.  Ozu.  Some good films..I can understand a few of the words....need to work on my Spanish too.
or speak it.
  Doing karate together must be somewhat similar to dancing together..... something I haven't experienced, but I understand it's done.  Togetherness is so important...for happiness.

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