Saturday, March 26, 2016

feeling better

Went into the emergency room..went to immediate care first, having issues with some kind of churning in the viscera.  So I got an x-ray and blood tests at the ER and they ruled a lot of things out, so if this keeps up I’ll be incapacitated, not dead, so that’s good to know.
  I have this feeling of things uncompleted, if I was to die, but I was trying to not think in that way, but such as it is, it looks like I’ll be okay, if I can get through this lonely Easter weekend.  Actually I skipped yoga and karate thursday cause of the gut issue, but John actually came over and we played a couple songs and had some coffee….good friends are good to have,  known the guy five years, five long years of fun: playing music and getting better at leads while I daydreamed of (insert pseudonym) … anyway, still too much free time, ….no self control on the weed…..need more money.  My bandmates are totally enthused with my awesome guitar playing (which is a result of a real special time I guess).  I mean, they are putting energy into the band so I can do less….suggesting a bunch of new songs, and John’s turning into a perfectionist, being more demanding of me, but that’s all great.  Learning new things.

Did a great recording today and uploaded it to Facebook.  Maybe we’ll go viral and get super popular overnight.  That would be a total drag.   It seems like I’ll always play music, but it’s not the only thing I do and I don't want to be famous for playing music, or really anything.  Some more friends would be good...if they're nice.  That is to say, I have some good friends, which is awesome, ...etc.

I'm more aware of things that I say that others might find strange, so that seems like progress to me.

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