Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sharon the mushroom girl

Sharon the mushroom girl
with a little parasol that's a big mushroom

got it up by the sky, waiting
for rain.

I was of two minds like
Sharon the mushroom girl
and her mushroom.

the blue parasol
near the sky, waiting

Monday, September 21, 2015

Green Grow the Rushes...

Green grow the rashes, O
green grow the rashes, O
the sweetest hours that e'er I spend,
Are spent amang the lasses, O

There's naught but care on every han'
In every hour that passes, O;
What signifies the life o' man,
An 'twere na for the lasses, O?

The warl'ly race may riches chase,
An' riches still may fly them, O;
An' though at last they catch them fast,
Their hearts can ne'er enjoy them, O.

But gi'e me a canny hour at e'en,
My arms about my dearie, O,
An' warl'ly cares an' warl'ly men
May a' gae tapsalteerie, O!

For you sae douce, ye sneer at this,
Ye're nought but senseless asses, O;
The wisest man the warl' e'er saw,
He dearly loved the lasses, O.

Auld Nature swears the lovely dears
Her noblest work she classes, O;
Her 'prentice han' she tried on man,
An' then she made the lasses, O.

-Robert Burns

Saturday, September 19, 2015

the hands wind around

Coffee cups on the edge
and each prescient work,
finding itself dislodged
makes another waste of the land demonic
set round on the edge
ticking of the clocks
we make up our minds
and find our sister stations.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

here's another entry

This blog entry is to prove that everything is just dull and boring like usual.  I'm trying to survive on iced tea and tortillas, but beyond that, things could be a lot worse.  One problem is I tend to have an erratic mind that shoots one way and then another, unpredictably.  That's just the way of it, I have to make sense, it seems.

As for today, it's time to head back to the house, maybe try to play a song or two.

I remember handing a big jar of lime and water with some ice in it from one place to another.

My fingers feel too heavy to type.  The days pass without variation.