Monday, June 22, 2015

treetop flyer

so I’m just kind of waiting for the internet to get working, but don’t know too much about …I fly low, I’m in high demand, go fifteen feet over the rio grande …seldom seen especially when I land….treetop the point of the matter is that we forgot what to say from the beg

there are things I am, and things I'm not, flying fool, especially when I get hot...ain't going to die, ain't going to get caught so we wait for the incredibly slow internet to go somewhere, and when it doesn't you can't figure out where you are going.

Aside from the volleyball going on across through that sense of things, to think you can live in Alsea and make cider....who'da thunk?  Walk and stroll and suzy q...

do that hand jive one more time.  So it's kind of got a few facets to it, the small town that this is, or where one might see fit to protect ..

Thursday, June 11, 2015