Wednesday, May 16, 2007

travail of passion

When the flaming lute-thronged angelic door is wide;
When an immortal passion breathes in mortal clay;
Our hearts endure the scourge, the plaited thorns, the way
Crowded with bitter faces, the wounds in palm and side,
The vinegar-heavy sponge, the flowers by Kedron stream;
We will bend down and loosen our hair over you,
That it may drop faint perfume, and be heavy with dew,
Lilies of earth-pale hope, roses of passionate dream.

Already the ripening barberries are red,
and the old asters hardly breathe in their beds.
The man who is not rich now as summer goes
will wait and wait and never be himself.

The man who cannot quietly close his eyes,
certain that there is vision after vision
inside, simply waiting until nighttime
to rise all around him in the darkness-
it's all over for him, he's like an old man.

Nothing else will come; no more days will open,
and everything that does happen will cheat him
Even you, my dear. And you are like a stone
that draws him daily deeper into the depths.

Springsteen is a poet of the average american guy, a real lyric poet of the modern age. Perhaps the reason there are really no good poets currently writing is that the good ones are either writing lyrics or songs. Certainly Dylan and Young qualify as poets in their own right, and Robert Hunter.

Sometimes this town really just seems like a pathetic small little town.

Someone put down Buddhism by calling it "not even wrong." That's pretty bad, when not only are you not right, but you are "not even wrong."

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Planted some onions and tomato starts in addition to the tomato seeds I planted last week that may or may not come up. I also planted some lettuce, which is something I could definitely use, and may plant some mustard greens tomorrow, which would be good in stir-fries. The raspberries look cool with all the bees swirling around pollinating the flowers. I attacked the weeds for the last five days and finally got rid of all of them.
To do list:
1.continue reading new Einstein biography.
2.dink around on the guitar cover art for cd
4.think of a movie I might want to watch cat
6.clean bathroom some stretching
8.breathe deeply
9.cut down on fatty foods
10.learn how to play "cortez the killer"
11.figure out what's wrong with the kitchen light
12.observe the wind blowing through the trees.
13.write long letters to distant friends. something about the gender-dominant paradigm

Saturday, May 12, 2007

12th street

The nicest street between 9th and 26th is definitely 12th street. Walking north on 12th from Monroe to Taylor, there seem to be a lot of very nice gardens and landscaping going on, and a lot of nice trees here and there. Be sure not to miss it. Turn left on Taylor and walk up toward Fred Meyer. Taylor is also another great street in that region. It is quiet and people take care of their yards.

Friday, May 04, 2007

I decided to get rid of my post on Mormons. Live and let live. Religion is a touchy subject.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Major combat operations have ended

Mission accomplished.