Wednesday, March 30, 2016

minding my own business, getting baked

 As for now, the idea being, last night or the one before I was sitting in central park, 2am, minding my own business, getting baked, and this guy is walking up from downtown with two dogs, both off lease, one a pit bull, and they come at me, or one did, so I stood up and scared him off, and then the guy says something about how they’re nice, and I explain clearly that the problem is I’m getting disturbed, not anything else, and get upset, and then he’s saying something… the point being, he was just sizing me up, checking me out, maybe a gangster…but a very cool guy!  Latino, little mustache….. anyway, then I apologized for getting so upset…then he thought I was cool and I was like, “hey, where you going?” like we were friends already.  Karate can do that for you.  Somebody tries to throw a shock at you, and if you don’t get rattled they’re impressed and you’ve met a new friend…..maybe.  Depending on the person…but that’s one channel I have that others don’t maybe.  Sometimes people are just messing with you, one’s you’d rather not meet.

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