Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Lean out of the window,
for I heard you singing
  a merry air.

my book was closed,
  I read no more
watching the fire dance,
  on the floor.

I have left my book,
  I have left my room
for I heard you singing
  through the gloom.

singing and singing
  a merry air
lean out the window,

 Maybe I’ll do a little karate before coming down to class, which will be when it is, but then there is the issue of the homeless dinner, and how that might fit in to what we know.  Okay, so one never really knows where to go, or what the issue might be, but the fact remains that there’s no issue that’s too short, for all that.
  I don’t seem much to talk about, but that being as it is, I cleaned out the fucking microwave and then did some vacuuming and something else…forget what it was, but keeping that place clean is going well enough.  
  So there you go.  Every interaction with her has been good, and yet I remain alone…so that’s what it might be, I suppose.

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