Thursday, February 04, 2016

let down your long hair

  As for today, I will somehow manage to make it through all the hours of the day, kind of find a settling for that, a way to get peace and make things better, but who the heck knows.  In the end, we all become dust, make a strange coming together of the ways and means of our life….the changes coming and then gone, K who I have not seen in a long time, but the world is going on, changing, and we have issues trying to get things, to get on with things, find a way to let them settle, and in the end, we have a way of dealing.
  In the end, we fall if we have to, hopefully progress in a good and incremental way to the next ways of thinking or getting through, and remember to be grateful in the moment, change out lives out an be something more than I would have expected.  So that is something to keep in mind.  The strain of the lives of our selves, trying to get to goals and hopes that come up in the future.  

  So the colors come to me somehow, get a change or way of growing into a better way of being, a sort of connection being sought, a way of understanding being dealt and subject to a better way of things….never sure of the goals, subject to previous struggles, and axiomatic of some deeper truths.

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