Monday, February 08, 2016

All good things in all good time

I've been looking at my statistics for these blog, and I see the posts are getting read.  However, not sure if any of those are people I know..or they're just bots, or what.  No idea.  So leave a comment.

So we are happy to be in the situation we are in, and that is good.  I feel as if all this typing is finally getting me somewhere, increasing my facility with the written word.  On the other hand, I also need to get moving on the way to getting more learned with the new songs we are practicing as a group.  I think maybe I need to put an ad on corvallis noisemakers to solicit more people to join the band.  
  I went out and did more grass removal, which is quite a time consuming project.  I’ve been feeling better from the nausea, but there’s no telling how that will go.  It sure is a bit worrying that the issue goes on and on.  I never should drink alcohol again, because it’s a poison, for one thing, besides the issue with the ulcer, or diagnosed ulcer, and go from there.
   I kind of get bothered by all the time that has  passed since she made such an impression on me, but it’s partly my “fault” that I got delusional and manic, who knows why, but happiness about our interaction was always there, …why it lead to to my head issues I can’t say…..and besides that, it’s impossible for me to say if the impressions I got, particularly my feelings of fear, were real.  This last year I’d feel that way and then drive up to Nashville and walk up to Summit in the middle of the night….a very nice walk, and listening to those log trucks haul up the hill from Nashville was cool..and all the quiet, of course, and the rain.  So I don’t think those were bad experiences, definitely not, but the issue with fearfulness is not something that I know was real or not.  I mean, the feeling was real, but…. Anyway, another period of mania, posting people’s pictures on facebook that I never should have posted.    So I got a bit depressed around August when I stopped feeling manic…..there were really really bad moments in there too.  But anyway, I finally decided that I could take yoga and believe in doing that….definitely a good thing…with a good teacher.  So that and the karate are going well.  And music, and the gardening's become a thing I like doing a lot....and hour a day since December, mostly just weeding and other things.  I set up the makiwara in the garage, finally.

  In any case, everyone that’s anybody has me blocked on facebook, which is a good thing really.  The only way to go, talking to some people, is in person, and the temptation to look at their page was too much.  
  So today's a nice day.  Every day there's the weather to see and enjoy.

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