Tuesday, February 09, 2016

left handed monkey wrench

So here I am again at the beanery, wondering where things may go, ….. She must have been changing that around for my benefit, I sure hope, and she was smiling, so that is all good.  It seems to me that a big transformation can occur with the addition of a woman.  
  As for now, the world is not a bad place.  There’s no way I’m going down to the grateful dead jam again…that is to say, it was probably worth going last week because I got to see Jay Itsok do his thing with chord voicings and then Kevin or Keith, who could play some smoking jerry style notes….so it was worth going, but it really didn’t seem like a jam.  They sounded like a well rehearsed band.  Now if they just stopped playing china cat I’d be happy.  
  I’d be there every week if I lived in Eugene…

  So other than that, last night after I smoked a bit of weed I went deep into guitar playing, which often happens after I get stoned.  Mostly playing notes over JGB songs, but more variety than that, and then working on various songs.  I was sure happy I managed to lower the action on my Flinthill (made in China)….but there’s no way that should have happened.  In other words, it’s a cheap guitar, but I can get some good sounds out of it….and I put a pickup in it, which cost some money.  Still…. So beyond that, went jogging last night thinking my toe that I must have fractured on somebody’s knee was all better, but after jogging I realized putting that much strain on it wasn’t too good of an idea.  Anyway, in better shape than I’ve been in for a while, at least as far as karate is concerned.  Definitely the yoga helps, mainly with thinking about alignment and flexibility of course.
  It seems like yoga can turn into a way of life, a lot like karate....if you look at Krishnamacharya or Iyengar, it's clear it can be both healthy and good for the mind, and ...well, karate seems better for working out anger and other things within a class rather than going out and getting in fights.  So I often am so tired from karate that when I go out to see music afterwards I feel calm and tired, not likely to get angry.....not that I get angry a lot, ...need to work on that I guess.

  Incredible idiot that I was, I left my Yamaha acoustic by the side of the river....for some reason I thought i needed to get rid of it...well, I wasn't thinking too clearly.  That was a nice guitar.

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