Saturday, February 13, 2016

rosy fingered dawn

Boy, I'm borderline depressed today....probably because there was not a lot on my schedule, but also that we don't seem to have any opportunities to play gigs coming up, and Lori's great and a good addition but she'll be gone for a week, but either way, the fact of the matter is that each day the weather is different, every day is different, and I seem to spend each day gardening for an hour and then going down to the beanery, where I talk to Gary and that's about it these days, and I'm sure there's a few reasons why my life seems so event-free.  That because of the incinerating environment of the Barrington phenomenon and where it put me, I guess....mainly in the mental hospital.  But anyway, you remember who came and visited you later when you are thinking back....Alex came alone, Pete came alone, looking depressed, and then the Ward house people showed up together: Zappa, Tiffany, Vince, Colin, I think.

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