Friday, March 10, 2006

this n that

i have a cold which is driving me up the wall because I was supposed to be doing a lot of stuff. I was planning on driving down to eugene, but going to have to skip that. I usually go for long walks when I'm bored, but that's obviously not going to work either.
Luckily I have my beautiful wife that I am madly in love with to take care of me. Without her, I'd just be a little oil spot on the garage floor. No, actually, I'd be like only less than half of a little oil spot on the garage floor, if even that. No, .....but anyway, Kelly is beautiful and lovely and charming and basically the greatest thing that ever happened to me.
Now if only I could get over this cold, everything could be going back to normal. There's a karate tournament coming up next month and I am in terrible shape, so i'll not probably be doing that well.
I guess I'll head over to the interzone and read a paper or something. I sure hope I feel better before I have to work again.

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