Monday, March 06, 2006

how come nobody reads my blog?

I am really disappointed that nobody is interested in what I have to say. My karate post got like zero clicks and I thought that was a really important subject. I guess if you don't do karate or know anything about it it doesn't seem important.
Life in Corvallis is good and here I am at the osu library again using their great computers. I need to get their antivirus experts to come over and configure my computer. I was still having a few problems so some guy who seemed like he knew his stuff came over and installed F-secure, but that seems to be taking a lot of processing power.
In other news, I've been listening to Aaliyah, who had a pretty tragic story. She was totally hooked into the new york r and b scene, sponsored by R kelly, second album produced by then-unknown Missy Elliott. Her stuff is pretty smooth, very very smooth as a matter of fact, so it's tragic that she died because of an incompetent pilot. I'm listening to her second album. Good stuff.
I need to go for a long walk because all the junk food and lack of exercise has been noticeably adding to my waistline, and I don't seem to have the motivation to go home and do a lot of kata (forms).
The interzone seems like a pretty silly scene recently, like just a bunch of young people. Hard to say. The beanery types are older and remember the sixties, so it's hard to impress them at all, the the young types running around the interzone have whatevers going on with them going on, but it's really not connected to anything going on with me, so I feel like I go over there, look around at the art, but the people are in some kind of other space, but I might go check out a book on classical chinese and go wander over there and practice writing some Hanzi (Kanji). There is something about ancient Chinese, maybe because I think it actually the oldest written language ...but I'm not sure about that. The really ancient Chinese characters have a really otherworldy alien kind of look, as if aliens came down and gave these characters to the Chinese at some point, and maybe they did. Who knows. That may be true of the Egyptians too. Nobody can say for sure that it didn't happen.
Just a little thought for the evening.

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ichiro-hinekura said...

Hi,Chris san

You don't heve to be disappointed,Your
blog and thoughts is very interesting to me.
In my poor English literacy,I don't understand all your sentence,but I really think your sentence is diffrent from others.I feel literary from it.
anyway,I'm looking forward to update your blog.

Thank you.

Ichiro Hinekura nomally known as Takatsuna.