Friday, March 31, 2006


bukowski was the real deal, kind of doing a lot of drinking and womanizing, but you get the feeling that he wasn't faking anything, and that he really was who he was, and his poems and even his speech have an originality and a kind of truth to them, so I would recommend his new documentary to all you poetry fans out there.
I've been having a problem with youtube, in that my videos upload okay, but the audio is out of synch, but other than that, the sun rose today, it is a bit cloudy but it is not raining, and one can think that on every particular day it is possible to begin again, to drop all of the little things that might have been holding you back, and to just change the mind and delve deeply into the high thoughts and impressions of this day, but also of the high thoughts and impressions, and the intense and perhaps unusual thoughts of all the thinkers that came before you.
So I'll probably put on my shoes and wander over to the osu library, see what they have in the poetry section, and then have the privelege to take more time out, to just sit in the coffee shop and contemplate the lines of writing, the letters on the page, and maybe transform that into something lasting of my own.
Bukowski and Whitman were womanizers. I prefer to think of myself as a Rilke, a guy truely possessed of a talented edge, and yet not greatly involved in the day to day life of drama and whatnot, but a producer of something lasting and then again, who am I to think such a thing? I write what I write, it may or may not be good, but what the heck. Like B said, he sat down with a pencil and paper and started writing and he realized he liked it, and that was about all there was to it. That's about all there is to it for me too. There is a world out there, full of impressions and transformation, and yet the same in many ways from day to day, ...

beginning my studies, the first impressions pleas'd me so much
the mere fact consciousness, forms, the power of love....

so i sit and think and ponder, having the gall to think that things will come without making a special effort to find them.

Then again, I might go for a little bike ride, which would also be a lot of fun. I generally go out decker road and out around philomath, but what the heck: maybe I'll do that.

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