Sunday, March 05, 2006

Stuff happens

went to the library. It was a nice night for walking around. They really need to get the computer fixed down at the 2nd street bean, ....I like to sit in there and drink coffee and send emails, but the thing was not connecting, so walked up to the library and had an espresso down in the downstairs cafe, but that seemed kind of dull, went upstairs and found my friend Zebekiah (not his real name) who doesn't really do much at all but sit in the library and play world of warcraft. He used to do karate but lost interest. He said he was headed down to our class last week but had just eaten a big meal and didn't want to exercise right after eating so he missed that class. I asked him if he was winning and he said he was surviving (at the game), so surviving is not as good as winning but better than the alternative. it's cool that osu library lets non-students come in there and just play online interactive video games endlessly. It doesn't seem like a very productive use of the computers, but I'm not making the rules. Got a good email from my old friend from Berkeley, and another related to karate politics and organization, and that kind of thing, but sometimes I get really tired of email. I think I'd rather just have actual people around.
Japan night was Saturday, and there was the standard calligraphy and kimono wearing. I should have stayed for the dancing and other exhibitions, but I was feeling a bit claustrophobic. The food prep for it was fun. I got to cut up some peppers and some sort of dried mushroom and other things, for use in chirashizushi, which is sort of a dish using sushi rice and other elements. It turned out pretty good. It's nice to hear people speaking Japanese, because I've been pretty out of the loop. I think I'll make an announcement at the next meeting of the Japan Club that I'm interested in studying Classical Japanese poetry and prose, and actually classical Chinese too, since I also studied a bit of that in college. It would be good to meet people with similar interests, and the texts are difficult and I need help to decode them.

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