Tuesday, January 30, 2007


the thought of walking to the bean: if you check on the map, the streets are going at all sorts of angles near campus. It took me forever to figure out the best way to walk from where I live to the campus Beanery. It is especially tricky because Kings doesn't run parallel to anything. It is not at all parallel to the north-south streets. Also, the streets running more or less parallel to Monroe aren't parallel to each other either, but run at funny and confusing angles.

"The Gods are of no sect; they side with no man. When I imagine that Nature inclined rather to some few earnest and faithful souls, and specially existed for them, I go to see an obscure individual who lives under the hill, letting both gods and men alone, and find that strawberries and tomatoes grow for him too in his garden, and the sun lodges kindly under his hillside, and am compelled to acknowledge the unbribable charity of the gods."

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