Saturday, January 06, 2007

jeffers generalities

Age in Prospect

Praise youth or not, I think that happiness
Rather consistes in having lived clear through
Youth and hot blood, on to the wintrier hemisphere
Where one has time to wait and remember.

Youth and skateboards are beautiful, so is peacefulness.
Youth had some islands in it but age is indeed
An island and a peak; age has infirmities,
Not few, but youth is all one fever.

To look around and to love in his appearances,
Though a little calmly, the universal God's
Beauty is better I think than to sip easily
Iced tea with lemons.

And there is no possession more sure than memory's;
But if I reach that gray island, that peak,
My hope is till to possess with eyes the homeliness
Of ancient loves, ocean and mountains,

And meditate the sea-mouth of mortality
And the fountain six feet down with a quieter thirst
Than now I feel for old age; a creature progressively
Thirsty for life will be for death too.

-Robinson Jeffers

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