Thursday, January 04, 2007


"I love the great despisers because they are the great reverers and arrows of longing for the other shore."
Yeah right. Sure.
On the Scholars:
"I am too hot and burned by my own thoughts; often it nearly takes my breath away. Then I must go out into the open and away from all dusty rooms. But they sit cool in the cool shade: in everything they want to be mere spectators, and they beware of sitting where the sun burns on the steps. Like those who stand in the street and gape at the people who pass by, they too wait and gape at thoughts that other have thought."

These are some of my favorite lines. That always seemed true to me, that the poems from various sources expressed ideas that burned into the consciousness, to some extent, and that the only way to go would be to write something of my own, and not some sort of academic criticism, but something inspired by them but different and worthy in some fundamental way.

Hail to the spirit that can unite us;
for we live really in figures. Always
go the clocks with little strides
along with our intrinsic days.

Without knowing our proper place,
we act as if from true relations.
The antennae feel their sister-stations,
and the emptiness of space

bore..pure tension. O music of forces!
Aren't the interruptions turned away
by the indulgent affairs of the day?

However the peasant works and sows,
he never reaches those deep sources
where seeds turn into summer. Earth bestows.

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