Monday, October 22, 2007

The New Yorker iz lame

That's right. It has got so many ads for luxury items that I may as well be reading some yachting magazine. Recently each issue has a theme. Any issue with a theme means all the writing in that issue will be bad. Seriously, what's the deal? Has Remnick (the editor) lost his mind, or maybe he just sleeps all day. What happened to quality writing? Also, the New Yorker, is so full of itself that it is really starting to get to me. The editors wouldn't know a good poem if it came up to them and hit them in the head. Wallace Stevens could send in a poem and they wouldn't print it. Seriously, time to get your act together, people. I don't love you because you are trendy and fashionable and think you are really cool. It used to be, fairly recently, a great magazine. What happened?

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