Monday, October 22, 2007

the Eternal

Only the Eternal is always appropriate, and always present, is always true. Only the Eternal applies to each human being, whatever his age may be. The changeable exists, and when its time has passed it is changed. Therefore any statement about it is subject to change. That which may be wisdom when spoken by an old man about past events may be folly in the mouth of a youth or of a grown man when spoken of the present. The youth would not be able to understand it and the grown man would not want to understand it....

There is a large and diverse world out there, and yet I remain in my safe little bubble, doing much of the same things every day. That's the way it goes. It's hard to travel with no money. The good news is I am learning a new skill that may very possibly lead to some decent paying work. I certainly hope so anyway. I would say what I am studying, but that would be giving away too much information about myself. Lets just say that I am studying Machine Tool technology and leave it at that. I would say what school I am going to, but that also might be revealing too much. Okay, here's a hint. It's either OSU or LBCC, and it's not OSU.

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