Thursday, February 23, 2006


Sitting in the library, it seems as everybody is kind of involved in the stuff they are studying, and all of that. Sometimes one just wonders how things are and where they are going, but try to keep a handle on the whole thing.

Here's my upcoming letter to the gazette-times:

Dear GT:
The letters to the editor have been of embarrassingly low quality for quite some time. People with anything intelligent to say are just not writing because they don't want to descend to the level the debate has been at in your local letters column.
So whoever out there who has been writing these letters, why don't we just get a couple of things straight: people are the religion they are. End of story. Let's not have any more idiotic letters about which religion is right.
Also, no more letters regarding gays. People are gay or they are not. They are born that way. End of story. Move on to intelligent subjects of discussion. Homophobes please stop writing and get a life.
Chris Farrell
Corvallis, Oregon

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Stacy said...

The GT is a very, very bad newspaper. I'm sure there are some good journalists there, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to receive enough funding to become a better paper than it is. And, at times, that makes me very sad. Corvallis is a happenin' town and I think it deserves a better newspaper.