Monday, February 27, 2006

karate seminar

Just got back from a phenomenal karate seminar. I feel like I have been in the presence of greatness, a truely phenomenal man. Nishiyama sensei came to this country in 1963, having studied and help develop Shotokan karate in Japan, and since then he's built literally a worldwide system based on the fundamental principles of karate, but of course also based on him, and his laserlike direction on one hand, but also his ability to listen to people, and to get a good cooperative synergy in a room...we had a council meeting of the northwest area dojo directors, and then he came down from his hotel room to say a few words, and it was pretty neat. He's 78 years old, can remember WW II, and kind of has a presence that is amazing. Just knowing the guy is around has helped me tremendously over the years, and being part of the Shotokan karate system, specifically our little group that follows Nishiyama, has given me something to focus on that's so much better than real life, it's kept me out of a lot of problems and gotten me to where I am now, which is a pretty good place.
So anybody that wants to try karate, my instructor teaches in town:

In other news, people sit around and drink coffee at the beanery.
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