Friday, February 24, 2006

not a whole lot happening

Corvallis really seems about the same every day. What is the deal with this town? You go to the bean, get a cup of coffee, stare out the window. Still, the trees and scenery are nice and low crime level is miniscule as far as I know. There are amusing crime reports in the paper, but they seem like they are put there just for the amusement of the residents, like somebody that leaves a purse unattended with $1000 in it in an auditorium. That was a really smart move.
The interzone is a really neat new addition to the town, that opened six or seven years ago now, and is a really idiosyncratic and confluential type of deal. It doesn't have the history of the bean, but things change, life progresses, and the beanery seems stuck in one mode, not that there's anything wrong with that. You get old, you get your deal together, and you basically come up with a certain presentation and stick with it, and it's the same for businesses I guess.
As for me, call me Ishmael, I mean Chris. Melville, with his certain "uneasiness" that caused his hero to go to sea, spoke for anybody who is young and needs to get out and find some answers, but at a certain point you just have to say, well, I've learned this and that and the other, but did it mean anything, and if so, what was its relevance?
I guess for me it would be nice to do a bit more travelling and have more freedom to make my own schedule. I basically have to work certain hours, and I would rather be my own boss and set my own hours. Lots of people manage to do that, and maybe I just have to figure it out. Hard to say.
I just gave up on the idea of studying Spanish for now. It's not really realistic, and seems unnecessary, because I already get along with my coworkers okay, although maybe taking a class would be a good option. Certainly it is a great language with a great aura or feeling or sort of mystique surrounding it.
In other news, the bean is filled with people chatting. It is nice that they have this free computer here to use for those of us who don't have laptops as of yet. I really prefer to carry a sketchpad, because I like drawings and handwriting, so I'm sticking with that. Also, I'm kind of old and don't feel the need to be connected to email or cell phone things all the time. I want to have time where I'm just out walking around, enjoying the sunlight and the weather. Apparently in Japan and everywhere now, teenagers walk around in a daze, looking down at their cell phones, continuously text messaging friends. Okay. Well, heck, if it works for you ,,, it.
Still, .....people go through phases. A friend's son recently went from being immersed in video games 24 hours a day to getting into my style of karate, so that's a transition. To me, karate is a game, in which you can have fun and get a workout and not get hurt, ...but infinitely more fun than playing a computer game,,,but whatthe heck;;people have phases.
the coffee is getting cold, mostpeople talk about moststuff, and undoubtedly cinnamon rolls are being served at my place of work.

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