Friday, January 29, 2016

a bit strange

 So things are a bit strange in that I woke up and got stoned, then it was raining so fucking hard that I had to put on rainpants, but now it has died down, sun through the clouds, literally.
  I went down to the jam in Eugene and didn’t have a really close idea of what it would turn out to be.  So apart from that, we hardly know what to hear…..all of the ideals are here and then gone.
  So people strain to figure out the way of things, and fail to do so, as the case may be.  
  So I got up, got stoned, and played a song or two before I left.  That was not so bad at all, a good time was had, and we all fling out the worst of ourselves, try to do the best we can, and then go from there.  People, or rather, everyone, is looking a bit older, and I don’t see any young people which is kind of depressing.
  On  the other hand, what exactly would make me happy?  I know as of now that I am a bit unsure of myself, and the body feels out of joint, so I should go home and do some karate, try to get aligned again.  

  All these things can make it hard as we go down the paths that seem right at the time.



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