Wednesday, April 04, 2012


I've been doing a lot of walking around recently, and actually for many years, through this town, through Portland, Berkeley, and then this town again. I usually stroll down from the Fred Meyer area downhill toward the river, and have decided beyond doubt that Taylor is the nicest street to walk down if you are heading toward the river. Everyone's meticulous with their gardening, their are few cars, and in particular, an assiduous gardener on 12th street always does a perfect job with his little yellow flowers. I would guess he's heavily into fertilizers, but for all I know he's doing all of it completely organically. The flowers come out well, and I've been walking down that street for a few years now so I notice them well. As far as walking across downtown, usually you can go straight down to the river and walk along the path by the river, or another good route would be to walk over on 8th the Jefferson, Jefferson being especially pleasant due the the large trees on each side. Realistically, the clouds of mist intersticing my clouds of dew regain speed with each flock of goats that goes by. They interestingly let out strange bleats and chew on the lengths of weeds that have grown up outside and under the favorite bridges that we all know and love so much. In particular, they follow the sound of bugles, emanating from the misty tides on the confluence and tilth of running water on the beach of the Mary's river. Another goblin sits on the roof, his big dog wandering around with no leash, skateboarding on over the tofu and vines and the coats among the holy avocado feelers down by the changing skies. If you hear a string of beans coming down through any of the garden paths down by crystal lake, change them around and remind them that all the misty houses down by the river as the waters go flowing by remain much the same, coming back through the frolfing fields or strips of green.
In conclusion, I highly recommend the strolling of towns in green tones.
Chris Farrell
Corvallis, Oregon

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