Tuesday, May 24, 2011

am I too intellectual for my own good? Maybe so, but then again, what the heck. I decided quite a while ago to stop apologizing for my personality. It is what it is, and it's okay. There's some decent points to be made, somewhere in the recesses of my thought patterns, I suppose. So there you go. At least I'm looking on things from a fair angle, and maybe that's the most you can ask.

Sometimes I end up in situations that seem to be exclusively chaotic and negative, but at least I have the sense to extricate myself, or maybe the freedom to extricate myself, I suppose. There's a point to be made that I'm too detached, but I start thinking that and then I get a good conversation with a good friend and think to myself that I'm not too detached, I just have good friends that make sense for me for where I am at right now. That human connection that is so necessary for everyone seems sometimes to be in short supply, but more and more these days it is around and it is there for me to both help and be helped, as everyone is struggling to get through the rough patches of life. I never get caught up in negativity these days, and I hope my good fortune continues, and I need to challenge myself to do better, if I could only figure out exactly what I should be doing differently...There are concrete and achievable goals, for example, in karate, and those give me some mental stability and peace of mind for dealing with chaos when I find it out there,...not that I have it all figured out.

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