Monday, December 01, 2008

coffee 'n' stuff

there was a coffee spoon
given to me
I drink my coffee black
newspapers around
here and there
perhaps even the metro section

Johannes Agricola in Meditation- by Robert Browning

There's heaven above, and night by night
I look right through its gorgeous roof:
No suns and moons though e'er so bright
Avail to stop me; splendor-proof
I keep the broods of stars aloof:
Fir I intend to get to God.
For 't is to God I speed so fast
For in God's breast, my own abode,
Those shoals of dazzling glory, passed,
I lay my spirit down at last.
I lie where I have always lain,
God smiles as he has always smiled:
Ere stars were thudergirt, or piled
The heavens, God thought on me his child
Ordained a life for me, arrayed
Its circumstances, every one

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