Friday, July 13, 2007

"rig" and Iran

When someone refers to his vehicle as his "rig", you can be pretty sure he does not drive a Honda Prius or some other kind of dinky car. I think of a "rig" as being some kind of clunky truck, usually, that the person has done a lot of work on himself, as in "rigged it up" himself, maybe.

What's the deal with Iran? Here's the thirty second briefing:

Sure, invading Iran would be a terrible idea, but why is invading Iran even a question in the first place? Why aren't we worrying about, say, Zambia, or Upper Volta, or Bahrain? The deal with Iran is that it will have enough Uranium refined in three months to be able to make a nuclear bomb, and they already have warheads to put it on that could reach Israel. Ahmadinejad has already said that they would love to wipe Israel off the face of the earth, and, consequently, Israel is not okay with Iran having the nuclear warhead that could obliterate them. So if something is not done, Israel could launch a preemptive strike against the Iranian nuclear facilities that could easily turn into a larger war.
How can this be prevented? Iran is vulnerable to sanctions because total sanctions would be an immense hardship on the economy, and there already is a lot of dissent against the lunatic right-wingers such as Ahmadinejad. So the U.S. should join in talks with Iran if Europe will agree to instigating total sanctions against Iran. That should result in enough pressure on Iran for them to opt for making a deal and joining the world economy. Anyway, that's the best hope, according to Dennis Ross.


Strayer said...

What about relocating Israel? There wont' ever be peace there. Arab extremists will always go after the Jews. This destabalizes the world. Maybe we should relocate Israel, and then just isolate the Arabs and let them fight amongst themselves. In the meantime, we need to curb our oil gulping, develop alternates, drastically cut our consumption of energy, using economic incentives to do so, because we do things based on personal economics, and be done with the Arab world. Also, we need to quit reacting. When somebody is screaming at you like an idiot, as that Iranian guy does, even claiming the holocaust never happened, you don't argue with an idiot, you agree with them, nod and smile (I learned that with shrinks), and then ignore them. If you don't react to an enraged control freak idiot, then turn to find somebody who will react. We're reacting. We just should agree with them, cut off ties, telling them we feel we must, because we're such bad influences on them, the media should not stir things up, like they love doing when news is slow, and we could go on with our lives, without more useless wars and loss of life over a handful of extremist bullies, using religion to hurt everybody including their own people. First off, we need to elect smarter more savvy leaders.

I'm getting really tired of our useless leaders, congressman, senators, President. They accomplish nothing for the good of the country anymore. Or they would tackle health care reform, immigration problems, energy, all sorts of national issues that loom as big threats to the American economy and security.

chris farrell said...

You are right about arab extremists always going after the Jews. It is a real mess over there right now.

chris farrell said...

Iranians are actually Persians though, not Arabs.

chris farrell said...

Israel needs to give up the West Bank settlements and make a deal with the Palestinians that gives them the West Bank and Gaza. That's kind of hard to do, though, when the Palestinians can't come up with a coherent government of their own. The U.S. needs to help with that.

chris farrell said...

Thanks for your comment.