Wednesday, February 14, 2007

last job and bread

Apparently I can't enter data as fast as they would have liked at the job I started, so I would say that I got layed off, but since I was a temp anyway, they just "ended my assignment." I thought I could have gotten up to speed in not too long, but I guess they thought it wasn't worth their time. Whatever. Entering data is not exactly the greatest job in the world anyway.
It was raining out and I was out and thinking of taking some pictures, but nothing came up that looked particularly worthy, so here is a picture of the loaf of bread I made two days ago: white bread with buttermilk. Some grated potato is a good ingredient too, I have found. Be sure to put in some salt. As far as wheat bread goes, I pretty much gave up on that. I know it is healthy and better for you and all that, but I just don't like it as well as white bread.
I also made some spinach soup that turned out okay, although it is better with sour cream. Most soup is better with sour cream.

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