Friday, June 16, 2006

choppin blades

boys kickin back
laying in the shade
ain't nobody tripping off
the money I already made
the 90's were subjective
2000 for the ballers
the drop top Jag
and a candy-red Impala
If you're selling big G's
keep pushing my n*
hold your horses
I'm a big something getting bigger
I'm Pimp C b*
In the ghetto I'm a star
I made this for the n*'s
trying to chop in their cars
-from "Choppin' Blades", Dirty Money, by UGK-1994

chopping blades:

blades: 18" or larger chrome rims that have three propeller like
portions; 'choppers'

"Them blades was choppin' up tha block"


crallspace said...
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crallspace said...

I invite you to a pot luck... I get told that I am an idiot for caring what happens to our country.