Thursday, June 22, 2006


What's the deal with this alligator thing on the lamppost? Is it some resurgence of preppiness in Corvallis?

Here's a picture of my coffee cup. There hasn't been a lot going on. Enjoying the weather, doing the usual biking around, enjoying the lack of traffic. It is kind of a lazy and hot day and I might wander on downtown. I was walking up 12th street from van buren to Taylor today and noticed that there are a few really really nice and beautiful large old trees on that street, and the houses are exceptional, people taking care of their gardens and flowers, all making the effect of a really nice quiet street that is pretty much in the middle of town. So check out 12th street, if you happen to be walking, say, from the library to Fred Meyer, for example.

anyone lived in a pretty corvallis town
with up so many floating bells down
they danced their didn't they went their same
sun moon stars rain
-ee cummings

In other news, the town is quiet. I've been walking up Van Buren because it has been so quiet traffic-wise. Usually there are too many cars to enjoy that street, but this evening in particular, there was a nice feeling in the air, etc.
I was thinking, have I always lived in this podunk town? The answer is no. I left for a while, went other places, but now I live here on very little money and tend not to take many trips for that reason. On the other hand, St. Francis didn't take a lot of trips either. When it seems to me that I need some material item, or I need to spend money for anything, I think that if my mind was in the right place, I wouldn't need any of those things. Then again, I am not sure what exactly my goals are at this point besides continuing with the karate and so forth.
But karate is just something I've always done, a great thing, but not something that will pay the bills. On the other hand, I really don't have the ability to get excited about any real-world aspirations, it seems. I have my job, which really doesn't bother me, and the only thing I really have much interest in is the weather, or maybe poetry or something. Thoreau was content to wander around and endlessly chronicle the working of nature. In a way, that could work, but then again Thoreau died young, embittered, and alone.

On the other hand, what is the use of excessive worry? Life happens as it happens. One can only do the right thing given the circumstances of the moment.

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