Monday, January 30, 2006

warehouse coffee

January 30, 2006: It's good to be alive and living in this strange time of the world, when the winter is making its way into spring. I've gotten some encouraging poetry from an old friend about how the vitality returns to the peoples faces as spring comes and the petals fall, and it surely will be a happy time, but there is always the sadness of remembering those who are no longer with us, and the people that are losing their minds in one way or another.

I remember a time when I was delivering pizzas:

delivering a pizza
to an industrial warehouse
the guys move slow
things are moving too slow
i can't see this or read it
one draws up a drink and pours
his hand is motionless
the drink pours in the cup
there is silence
they pay and I leave
and I think,
"that was something different."
as i drive home through the dark.

the world is moving slow and i wonder, is all lowercase the way to go, with frequent misspellings? Is there even a reason to spell things rite? Maybe I should just go on a big bad spelling kick and forget the whole thing. Then again, two birds fly by night and a big cat has just jumped across the table. My cup sits on the table. It says "corning glass words welcomes SWE", a commemorative type cup, I guess. It has the no-bullshit kind of form from the basic industrial type class person, but that may be some rampant idealization there, i might say.

Yes, it's true, I work at a bakery. Never mind which bakery. There is nothing so sensitive as bakeries. Lets just say that it is a certain bakery in this town that tends to be a quite large one and well known, but that is about all I have to say about the matter. No one could get me to tell anyone anything about which bakery it might be, because I just can't be sure who might be reading this, and we all know about the bloggers that got fired.

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