Thursday, January 26, 2006

portland stuff

sometimes i get confused and wonder what i should be doing, but those times usually work themselves out in the long run. I've had jobs where all I did was type numbers into a machine, but somehow the rhythm of typing in the numbers was sort of soothing. The trouble with all those jobs was hard to say. Maybe it was just me, but I remember one guy that was always going off about "black quarterbacks" and how he didn't like them. Talk about a stupid subject. That area in beaverton was also kind of hairy, weird people wandering around here and there. the bus system was terrible and it didn't have a lot to recommend about it. now they've extended the light rail, so the density has increased a bit, so it is a bit better than it was, but it still is pretty horrible in terms of strip malls and other eyesores. at the time I was sleeping on the floor in an apartment complex filled with scary people. On the other hand, a few good things were happening. For example, I recorded a few songs on tape. I would get up in the morning and saunter over to the health food store and get some organic coffee, and then come home, put it in my little hexagonal espresso maker, and brew some up and play wildly on my guitar. Yes, indeed, it was quite a place. Living on the other side of the river I would cross the bridge every day and look down at the water, and enjoy the old brick in the buildings here and there.

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