Monday, June 06, 2016

nothing to write about

I haven't felt like sharing anything personal.  Actually there might be a thing or two.  It's funny how certain events turn out to be not as fun as you thought they might be.  Going out to see Space Neighbors at Tyee was a drag.  I didn't like the place, and there weren't many people to support the band.  Much different than their enthusiastic show at the Avery Park space.  They aren't much of a band in that Nick Rivard and Navarro aren't the greatest, and the outer space and silliness and semi-funky funk aren't much really.
  Too bad you can't hear Melanie sing.  That's a shame.  So anyway, I got out of Tyee fast.

  Then there was the Bombs show.  Melanie was funny with her guest list thing.  I wonder if that was a joke or she was just messing with me to be funny, or another possibility, it had nothing to do with me.
  So that's what it is.  Enjoy life for now, not what might happen down the road, but it happened with Karen, why not again?  Maybe a different life than I've really experienced thus far, although I have had a lot of good times in my life.

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