Saturday, May 14, 2016


who lives where beggars rarly speed?
and leads a humdrum life indeed
as none beside herself would lead
my mary
Who lives where noises never cease?
and what wi’ hogs and ducks and geese
can never have a minutes peace
my mary
who nearly battl’d to her chin
bangs down the yard thro thick and thin?
nor picks a road nor cares a pin
my mary

who (save in sunday bib and tuck)
goes daily (waddling like a duck)
oer head and ears in grease and muck
my mary

who used to pattins or to clogs
Who takes the swill to serve the hogs?
And steals the milk for cats and dogs
My Mary

Who frost and Snow as hard as nails
Stands out o' doors and never fails
To wash up things and scour the pails
My Mary

Who bussles night and day in short
At all catch jobs of every sort
And gains her mistress' favor for't
My Mary

And who is oft repaid wi parise?
In doing what her mistress says
And yielding to her wimmy ways
My Mary

For theres non apter I believe
At 'creeping up a Mistress' sleve'
Then this low kindred stump of Eve
My Mary

Who when the baby's all besh-t
To please its mamma kisses it?
And vows no Rose on earths so sweet
My Mary

But when her mistress isn't nigh
who wears and wishes it would die
and pinches it to make it cry
my mary

Oh rank deceit! what sould could think
But gentrly there revealing ink
at faults of this this friend must wink
My Mary

Who, not without a 'spark o' pride'
Tho strong as Grunters bristly hide
does keep her hair in paper's typd
my mary

and mimicking the Gentry's way
who strives to speak as fine as they?
and minds but every word they say
My Mary

And who (tho's well bid blind to seey stuff?
as her to tell ye A from B
things herself none o low degree?
my mary

who prates and runes oer still be continued

talked to now deceased Valerie Tate for a week year before last on skype and she made me see nothing was really happening...thanks, I owe you for that, too bad it's too late to ever see the person ...such a great person and intelligence ....such a great perception.  Oh well.  I'd say a face from the past, but we never actually met outside of skype.

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