Friday, March 05, 2010

Patsy's life history

Some words on Patsy

Patsy Todd was born in Compton, California, on August
3, 1929. She moved to Oregon in ’37 during the
depression, picked fruit, and her father bought a farm
and sold it in ’47, moved to the coast, built a motel,
called the “Miles Motel”, went to Chemeketa, learned
to weld, worked at Wade’s manufacturing plant. Mother
did rations, worked for a millionaire, the father
building fences, mothing taking something, moved
father out to St. Helens and rioting started. Worked
at Smokecraft in the ‘70’s, linen mills in Jefferson,
talked about Burt Reynolds. Smacked her because she
liked Bob Hope, not Burt Reynolds. Joined the union
and quit, kind of fraudulent run in Salem, bring my
grandchildren. Can’t see after wreck, living with man,
worked in restaurant “Chilibowl”, early shift, met
guy, snow started, guy came over, started the affair,
died of a heartache. Clarence came home smelling of
gasoline, left, after six years

-Chris Farrell


j collin said...

this is good. who are the characters? where is the source material from?

j collin said...

this is very good. where did the source material come from? who are they?