Monday, September 03, 2007

dry your eyes-best version so far

Althea by grateful dead:

Jerry was an amazing rock genius. One of a kind. The best concert I ever went to was the Jerry Garcia band in 1988 at the Warfield in San Francisco. Nobody like him, or even close, in what he does, anyway. A poetic soul who had a bit of a drug problem.


Corvallist said...

Blah. The Grateful Dead were completely overrated.

chris farrell said...

You left one comment on my blog on this last four months and it has to be negative?
Not everybody has the same taste in music. I'm sure we would agree on some stuff.

chris farrell said...

Overrated by who? Me? They were never that popular in the mainstream. Maybe you haven't actually listened to many of their albums. Which albums have you listened to? If you haven't heard Workingsman's Dead, American Beauty, Wake of the Flood, and the Jerry Garcia band, you haven't heard them. Maybe it was just a figment of my imagination that I thought that concert was so amazingly good.
Then again, why bother arguing? If you don't like them, no problem. My feelings aren't hurt. Try to leave comments that have more content.

chris farrell said...

What does a dead head say when he or she runs out of drugs?