Saturday, June 30, 2007


The new Michael Moore film is on a good topic, our completely messed up health care system. He makes a lot of good points, like how people are arbitrarily denied coverage , how people with preexisting conditions are excluded, and generally how messed up it is. However, he never really gets into the details, and how complicated the issue of health care is. He makes a big deal about how perfect national health care in other countries is, which I am sure is true relative to this country. But there are problems with national health care, I am sure, that he doesn't mention.
I agree with Mike that national health care is a good idea, but I didn't like the movie because I knew all the information already and he didn't really get into the details of what would make a good system, much less the difficult decisions that would have to be made about what kind of care would be allowed or covered in a national health care system. Still, if it makes more people aware of the disaster that we currently have here in this country in health care, then that will be good.


Collin said...

Nice analysis. I think your assessment of Sicko says that M. Moore is up to the same old formula: Half information and agit-prop posing as weak investigative journalism.

Healthcare is an issue important to everyone in this country, if they know it or not. It is good that the idea is pushed onto the entertainment stage by Mr. Moore. I just hope someone more credible refines the debate and everyone starts talking.

Corvallist said...

I thought it wasn't playing locally until next week. Where did you see it?

chris farrell said...

I saw it in Eugene, Regal cinema