Sunday, May 13, 2007


Planted some onions and tomato starts in addition to the tomato seeds I planted last week that may or may not come up. I also planted some lettuce, which is something I could definitely use, and may plant some mustard greens tomorrow, which would be good in stir-fries. The raspberries look cool with all the bees swirling around pollinating the flowers. I attacked the weeds for the last five days and finally got rid of all of them.
To do list:
1.continue reading new Einstein biography.
2.dink around on the guitar cover art for cd
4.think of a movie I might want to watch cat
6.clean bathroom some stretching
8.breathe deeply
9.cut down on fatty foods
10.learn how to play "cortez the killer"
11.figure out what's wrong with the kitchen light
12.observe the wind blowing through the trees.
13.write long letters to distant friends. something about the gender-dominant paradigm

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