Thursday, March 01, 2007

sactimonious jesus freak flips out

David Fink, Pastor of the Potter's House, apparently beat his 13 year old kid with a 16 inch piece of wood, and punched him in the face, after which his 17 year old son called the cops on him. This guy loved to go around raging about the sinfulness of society, and now he flips out. Good. I personally couldn't stand the guy.
Now he's charged with child abuse. This is the kind of guy that gives Christianity a bad name. About a month ago, in my last conversation with him, he started to tell me that I was going to go to hell if I didn't believe in everything he did. I hung up on him. So yeah, I have to admit that I derive a certain amount of maybe not happiness, but definitely interest in this latest news.

Maybe he wasn't as holy and righteous as he though he was.

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This behavior is status quo in the network of churches Fink is apart of.
His leader, Wayman Mitchell is notorious known for his mind control and brainwashing ways. He is a cult leader. Read more about this group here: