Saturday, November 04, 2006

This is a video of Shotokan kata (form) being done by Kanazawa, one of the great instructors, who is still alive and teaching. I do this form of karate, under Reed Wilson, 3rd degree black belt, at his school. He currently teaches class 7-9pm at the Fingerboard Extension on 2nd street, across from Peak Sports, and there is an open training Saturday mornings, 8-10am, where we usually just work on kata, but there are no requirements and each person is free to work on what they want to work on, so if Jen or Corvallist wants to show up and check it out, Reed could use more students, and Keta would go ahead and show you the basic stuff. She's a shodan (1st degree black belt). I've been doing this for 23 years, and it means a lot to me, even though I can't seem to pass 2nd degree (but it's not about rank), at least that's what the regional instructor said to me. Of course that's easy to say when your 8th degree, which he is now.

Here's some pictures of karate in my style from the seventies and eighties.

In fact, I'm going to do some kata right now, because I can't relax and need to calm down a bit. Luckily I have a house and my own karate room, basically just an empty room with a floor. (most rooms have floors).

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