Wednesday, May 03, 2006

walk across town

i went for a walk around town, starting near fred meyer, then over past the high school, down past that little one-block park that is always filled with high school kids smoking cigarettes and then downhill to ninth street, where I usually cross over, but this time I went down ninth, which turns into a quiet street by the time you pass harrison, and is fairly nice especially this time of year, then I continued on past Monroe, and then a couple more block past the house where I used to live back ten years ago, a little old house kind of in the shadow of a really lousy apartment building, but it was nice to live there because it was about five blocks from the beanery in a really mellow part of town, that has some very nice houses. Then I continued down to the beanery, past the photo shop, and past safeway and the coffee roasting place, stopped in for a water at the bean, where the usual crowd was having a nice time sitting outside, and then walked past the skate park and over the bridge, turning at the first left, crystal lake drive, then down past Evanite and down to the boat landing. One option is to take the more open route through all the soccer fields, which I opted to do because it wasn't all that hot. Nobody was around. I came to Willamette part, and started walking along the river, and stopped for a drink from the fountain near all the barbeque equipment, and then up the trail through all the blackberry bushes, and then continuing along the river for a little ways. You can see the new developement of "legend" homes, that all look like cookie cutter houses. On the left you can see the river splitting up into two branches, which I think is "Kiger Island" although i could be wrong. The trail doesn't continue for long, but it is nice. It took me 1.5 hours one-way, and so i walked for 2.5 hours total today, because I took the bus back from downtown to give my feet a rest. Then I mowed the lawn.

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