Wednesday, April 12, 2006


one often wonders, as he is typing along, if he is writing anything useful. Well, I spent a lot of 1995 writing all the tiniest details of my quite boring life down,and when i reread them I do get an impression that there was something there, and despite the fact that my life was spent drawing pictures of coffee cups and feeling morose that girls wouldn't go out with me and just kind of sitting and contemplating my own thought processes, still there is something there, and something in just the fabric of reality as I saw it that did have some meaning and some tangible value, but according to what scale? you might ask, but anyway, that's all a matter of speculation. I am reminded of that poem by wordsworth: "dear william, why do you sit on that stone all day? Well, (he answers) must we be always seeking, or does nothing come of itself?" In other words, maybe if I just sit here and contemplate the grass and the poke-weed, and the quahaug in its shell, something might come to mind, or the mica on the side of the rock, or any of that stuff. Like just today I took a nice leisurely walk from near Buchanan over to the campus area, and the dandelions and the grass and the other plants were all growing away, the air was nice and calm, and there was a sense of peace, that the hurry of life is really not a necessary condition, and so i walked down the hill and back up again to the library, and saw a flock of geese up in the sky, forming a "v' shape, and students milling around and doing whatever it is that students usually do.
What's the deal with D.H. Lawrence? Why did Merton rail against him so much in his autobiography? Lawrence has written some great poems. Maybe he was too much of a "sensualist" or something.
I'm going to post some of my off-the-wall guitar playing soon, so stay tuned. The stuff I have on the web now is just me playing covers, which I also think are good, but I did develop a number of original sounds and techniques early in my guitar career, and I'd like to have a few examples of these recorded. When I first started playing guitar, I seldom did songs, but just messed with stuff: first of all strumming patterns combined with muting of bar chords, and then other single-string playing methods which are kind of hard to describe.

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